Achieving True Democracy: Safeguarded Information and Decision Processes

  • When is a fact a fact and worthy to be included in the discussion? Definition of the gold standard e.g. original data gathered, tested and peer-reviewed facts. Who paid for the evaluation (and thus sets the tone)?
  • How does the party deal with factual input and check its validity? How does it value the input of a lobby organization? Effort to check versus proven validity of the facts.
  • anti-corona protest vs. pro constitutional rights protests
  • warn vs. threaten
  • freedom fighter vs. terrorist
  • resistance vs. terror
  • peace mission vs. war
  • military strike vs. war of aggression
  • Reporting on the Ukraine conflict and the image of the ‘evil Russian’. Facts left out: the expansion of NATO as a threat to Russia, Crimea as former part of Russia given as a present to Ukraine, heavy investment of US in regime change, the background of the seizure of power in Ukraine and shots on police and civilians on the Maidan.
  • Today’s coverage of Venezuela is also very one-sided and international opinion much less unanimous than reported by the main media outlets.[8]
  • The reports on the current corona epidemic are anything but balanced. The limitation to very few experts and the suppression of a broader scientific discussion has mainly led to an increase in the anxiety of the population. A fact-based weighing of the response of governments has failed to materialize.
  • current policy
  • popular view
  • reasonable
  • acceptable
  • radical
  • unthinkable
  • Moralism (moralization makes discussion impossible and splits into good and evil)
  • Language hygiene (politically correct language)
  • Lazaret poetry (show pictures of crying, suffering children; only monsters have a different opinion)



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Peter Monien

Peter Monien


#author #founder. These are my own thoughts about #FixDemocracyNow #DirectDemocracy #freemedia #abetterfuture #blockchain #ai and other things that interest me.